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Thảo luận trong 'Mua bán | Dịch vụ' bắt đầu bởi linhhailongvan123, 27/6/19.


  1. With 4 brands of LG freezer air conditioners, Daikin freezer air-conditioners, Mitsu cabinet stand freezers, Nagakawa vertical cabinet air conditioners in addition to being able to cool and warm, the machine can also filter air or become a multi-fan. use. The machine works continuously but the air conditioner on the wall cannot do it.

    However, LG cabinet freezer air conditioner, Daikin cabinet stand air conditioner, Mitsu cabinet stand freezer, Nagakawa vertical cabinet freezer are still limited to emit quite loud noise when operating. So you should buy this device if you want to install in the classroom, meeting room, office, hospital corridor ... places where there are many people instead of small bedrooms in the family.

    Price list for LG cabinet freezer:
    Air conditioner standing cabinet LG APUQ48GT3E3 / APNQ48GT3E3 - Inverter - Gas R410a
    Price: 37,700,000 VND
    Air conditioner standing cabinet LG APUQ100LFA0 / APNQ100LFA0 Inverter - 10HP - Gas R410a
    Price: VND 69,500,000

    Air-conditioners of standing cabinets often have a higher price than wall-mounted air conditioners, ranging from 17 to over 40 million, with many products sold for VND60-70 million. So you need to consider before buying to choose products that are suitable for your financial ability.
    If the room has many glass doors and is often exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to choose a machine with high capacity, fast cooling capacity.

    Address: 154 / 23TCH10, KP9, P.Tan Chanh Hiep, District 12, HCMC
    Email: maylanhchuyennghiep@gmail.com
    Website: maylanhhailongvan.vn - maylanhhailongvan.com
    Refer to the price for air conditioner Daikin cabinet stand:
    Cool with diverse capacities 3hp / 4hp / 5hp / 5.5hp / 10hp / 20hp (horse)
    Business Department: 028 6250 2616 - 028 6686 3809
    Technique: 0909 787 022 Mr Hoang

    With table of Mitsubishi standing cabinet air conditioner price:
    Air conditioner standing cabinet Heavy FSHY / FCHY-2801
    Price: VND 19,100,000
    Air conditioner standing cabinet Heavy FSHY / FCHY-5001
    Price: VND 27,900,000

    With price list of Nagakawa standing cabinet air conditioner:
    Air conditioner Nagakawa NP Stand - C50DL
    Price: 25,800,000 VND
    Air conditioner Standing cabinet Nagakawa NP - C100DL
    Price: 57,800,000 VND

    With Daikin multi-capacity freezer stand:
    Air conditioner Daikin FVQ140CVEB / RZR140MVM Inverter R410a gas cabinet
    Price: 58,500,000 VND
    Air conditioner cabinet stand FVGR10NV1 / RUR10NY1 R410
    Price: 82,200,000 VND


    Regarding brands: LG, Daikin, Mitsu, Nagakawa currently has a line of standing-freezer refrigerators sold in Vietnam market, which are highly appreciated by consumers.


    Common disadvantages of 3 LG freezer cabinet makers, Daikin cabinet stand air conditioners, Mitsu cabinet stand freezers, Nagakawa cabinet stand freezers: Although designed to operate smoothly, there is still a certain noise level compared to conventional wall air conditioner. The area around the foot of the cabinet is what is open, wide and requires space to be able to suck up air. Need a large space to directly place the air conditioner under the floor.

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